Flower Throwback

Hello beautiful people!

Flower throwback

Kind of a pointless picture for you this week, but I just love to take pictures of flowers. (Even though this one is fake)

Throwback to this summer when we were searching for a new flat. I just decided to take a picture of this flower in the bathroom at the hotel.

Love, Olivia Greene ❤



Hello beautiful people!


Being a big Sims fan, I thought this was really cool. It isn’t intended to be a plumbob, it’s a part of a decoration set with two other diamond shapes in red and white.

I really like both the wooden background and the colour of the “plumbob”, and I hope you do too. 🙂

Love, Olivia Greene ❤

Light Up The World

Hello beautiful people!

light up the world

This might be one of the pictures I’m most happy with. It carries an important message.

We all feel alone sometimes, but that’s natural. It’s a part of being a human. At those times it’s important to surround oneself with inspiring and motivating people, and forget them who creates nothing but trouble and sadness. With this picture, I’m trying to say that even though you are surrounded by darkness, there will always be lights out there somewhere. They might be big, or they might be small, but they do exist.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, especially if they are themselves. Please show this to someone who needs it, and who knows? Maybe you’ll make someone’s day way better.

Love, Olivia Greene ❤

A Rock Wall

Hello beautiful people!

A rock wall

I am on holiday right now, although today is the last day! 😦

Earlier this week we went to Oslo to get some stuff for our new flat. On the motor way, I took a lot of random pictures out of the window. Some of them turned out not so great, but this one wasn’t too bad, I think.

I really like the colour on this rock wall. It’s quite unique.

– Olivia Greene

Ducks On A Pond

Hello beautiful people!

Ducks on a pond c

On a walk along the seaside I found these cute, little ducks. I just have to say, there are a lot more ducks outside the picture. I took several pictures, but this was the one with the most ducks. I believe there was about 12 ducks swimming around, but only five wanted to get this close together so I could take a picture of them.

I hope you enjoy the picture, and hopefully you didn’t get bored by the many, many times I said “ducks”. 😀

Love, Olivia Greene ❤