Tropical Colours

Hello beautiful people!

tropical colours

As we’re heading towards winter I thought it would be nice to have a throwback picture to the summer. One thing I especially like about this picture is that the sunlight reflects in the camera, making the beams visible.

Love, Olivia Greene ❤


Summer Leaves

Summer Leaves

So sorry for the long break between these posts, but I had to figure out a decent way to copyright my pictures.
Anyways, this is a picture I took now recently while on summer vacation.

It is very similar to the “Leaves of Tears” picture in the beginning of this blog, just with a little more brighter colors.

The water drops on the leaves really highlights the picture.

What do you think?

Yellow And Green

Yellow and green 2

This a photo I took when I was making a salad.
I thought the yellow in the lemon and the green in the lettuce would make a really good color combination on a picture. I am quite happy with this picture, what do you think?

By the way, if someone wants to make the salad I mentioned, here’s the recipe:

Lettuce leaves
Sugar peas

1. Cut the cucumber into thin, thin slices. Choose yourself how much cucumber you want.
2. Cut each sugar pea into small pieces, but cut off the end of both sides. You choose yourself how much sugar peas you want.
3. Cut up some lettuce leaves and put into the bowl.
4. Drip some lemon over the salad.
5. Finish it all up with a little pinch of sugar and mix the salad.

Enjoy! 😉

Summer Drink

Summer drink 2

Even if it’s just May, it feels like summer with the 22 degrees outside.
When it’s this warm outside it’s nice to have a summer drink!
This drink is made of diet coke, ice cubes and a slice of lemon.
It’s my favorite drink in the summer/spring, and I highly recommend it! 😉