Birthday Lunch

Hello beautiful people!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’d really like to get more into writing longer blog posts about different things. This is the first post like this I have ever made, so let me know if you liked it! 🙂

Yesterday, my family and I was out eating lunch at a café in town because it was my mom’s birthday!

birthday lunch

So this is what I ate. It’s a chicken salad, and I could choose exactly what I wanted in it. I absolutely love some kind of fruit in a salad, like grapes or pineapple. It adds some kind of sweetness amongst the fresh vegetables. This salad contains lettuce, grapes, cucumber, red bell peppers and of course: chicken, complete with a slice of toasted bread on the side. The chicken was kind of spicy. It was a little too much black pepper on it for my liking, but the taste was good.

I had a mango tea as well, as you can see in the picture. It’s a little bitter without any sweetener or sugar, but you don’t need much to get a better taste.

On the day before this, on Saturday, we celebrated my mom’s birthday at a sushi restaurant because my dad had to travel to London the next day. Unfortunately I don’t have any good pictures of the food we had, but it was really tasty.

Leave a comment of what you thought about this post, and I’ll see you next time! ❤

– Olivia Greene


Yellow And Green

Yellow and green 2

This a photo I took when I was making a salad.
I thought the yellow in the lemon and the green in the lettuce would make a really good color combination on a picture. I am quite happy with this picture, what do you think?

By the way, if someone wants to make the salad I mentioned, here’s the recipe:

Lettuce leaves
Sugar peas

1. Cut the cucumber into thin, thin slices. Choose yourself how much cucumber you want.
2. Cut each sugar pea into small pieces, but cut off the end of both sides. You choose yourself how much sugar peas you want.
3. Cut up some lettuce leaves and put into the bowl.
4. Drip some lemon over the salad.
5. Finish it all up with a little pinch of sugar and mix the salad.

Enjoy! 😉