Shadow of a Butterfly

Hello beautiful people!

shadow of a butterfly

This is a random picture. I was working on my homework yesterday, and suddenly a butterfly decided to rest on my sunshade.

When I take photos, I always picture how it would look like if it was hanging on a wall in a living room. Although this might not be anything you would want to have framed on your wall, I think it’s just a really cool shadow of a butterfly, and I wanted to share it with you! If you look closely, you can even see the butterfly’s antenna. Just a little detail I think looks awesome.

What do you think of this picture? I have some other pictures from different angles, which I might post on my twitter (@bstardustsite), if some of you are interested.

– Beautiful Stardust


Youtube Channel?

I’m thinking of starting a youtube channel, where I’ll post videos about special things in our everyday life and other random stuff. What do you guys think? Post your opinion in the comment section, and I’ll try it out in the near future.

– Beautiful Stardust