Winter Sunset

Hello beautiful people!

winter sunset

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Here’s another winter picture for you, and I think it’s amazing how it looks when the sun is setting behind the mountains.

Also, the image quality might improve soon! 🙂

Love, Olivia Greene ❤

PS: I just remembered that this is the last blog post before 2015, so Happy New Year to all of you! I love you loads! ❤


Prom Night Problems

It’s Christmas time and prom is coming up at our school.

At the prom you are supposed to look gorgeous. Why? I don’t know. I never really got why you have to be so perfect all the time.

I bought the dress I’m wearing to prom a couple of days ago. It’s a dark, royal blue with small diamond-looking pearls on it. I tried on three dresses in the fitting room, and I think I look amazing in this dress I picked out.

But here’s the problem: “I look fat in my dress.” and “I’m not pretty.”

Basically girls’ self-confidence about their appearance.

I thought that I would give my point of view on this problem, because I know that a lot of young girls might struggle with self-confidence about their appearance, including me.

1. First of all, you probably don’t look as fat as you think in your dress.

2. You aren’t supposed to be as thin as a straw. It’s ok to not exactly have a flat stomach. It just means that you are a human and not a barbie doll.

3. Wear a dress that makes you feel confident. Not what the others think is beautiful.

This is probably a very stupid thing to say, because I know how hard it is to like yourself when you don’t. Think that you are beautiful. In your own way. And remember that being yourself is the most beautiful thing you can wear.

I hope this helped some of you. Comment down below if you want more blog posts like this.

Love, Olivia Greene ❤

Bricks and Shoes

Hello beautiful people!

Bricks and Shoes

I took this picture yesterday at school.

Me and one of my best friends were outside during the lunch break, taking some pictures for this site. It was sunny and a bit cloudy, but it was freezing outside! I’ll make a collection of some of the pictures we took for those who are interested. You’ll find them under the “Collections” page. I’ll start working on it when this post is published.

So as you can see, this is a picture of my grey Converse, my blue jeans and the grey brick floor outside the main entrance.

A funny thing about this picture, is that if you look at the bricks without looking at the shoes, it looks like a brick wall, instead of a brick floor.

How was your first week of school?

– Beautiful Stardust


Hello beautiful people!

Happiness c

Simple picture, simple title.

I have called this picture “Happiness”, because that’s what I felt when I was taking this picture. It’s the same place as in the last post, “Colours By The Road”. In fact, that road is located to the left of this picture.

The “Colours By The Road” picture was taken during the autumn, while this is taken during this summer, which is why there are more colours in the last picture.

I absolutely love the sky in this picture. The shadows on the clouds and the different tones of blue is just gorgeous.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know this is the first picture with text on it, other than the copyright text. Leave a comment if you think I should make more pictures with text on them, or if the plain ones are good enough.

Do you have a place like this? A special place from your childhood? Post in the comment section, I would only love to read your comments, and I’ll try to reply at my best.

– Beautiful Stardust

Colours By The Road

Hello beautiful people!

colours by the road

So, I was browsing through my iPhoto one day and I found this picture from ages ago! I can’t remember when it’s taken, but I think the different colours on the trees and the plants look really great together. The colour of the sky fits perfectly with the orange and green tones on the trees. The quality might not be the greatest, but it’s a beautiful photo, so that makes up for it.

I love this place. It’s got a very special place in my heart.

– Beautiful Stardust