Concrete Shadow

concrete shadow

Concrete, sunlight and shadows.

I took this picture a few weeks ago. I think it was all the way back in the middle of July, actually. We were at the beach an afternoon, around 5 pm. The time of the day is really important in this picture, because it takes advantage of the sunlight to make different shadows. You can’t see it in this picture, but beyond the left side of the picture, there is a red concrete wall. If we had been there a few hours earlier, the shadows would have been up against the wall, and not on the ground.

I took this picture in between the bars on the bench (which you can see in the shadow) to get a really nice view of the ground.

– More stardust later, stay tuned.


Tricolour Corner

Tricolour corner

“Tricolour corner”

A title I have been really excited to show you.

This is a photo of the corner of a sofa at an italian pizza and pasta place which I absolutely love.

The plan was to post this picture before “Brick walkway”, but due to problems with my e-mail I had to post another picture I already had edited on my Mac. If you follow my twitter account (@bstardustsite), I wrote a twitter post last week saying that I had e-mail problems. If you want news and updates about this site, I recommend you follow me on twitter.

Enjoy this photo! Stay tuned for another one in the near future! 😉